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  • Johnson, C. D., J. F. Valder, E. A. White, P. K. Maurya, D. Hisz, J. W. Lane
    Application of a towed time-domain electromagnetic (tTEM) imaging system in Jamestown, North Dakota, SAGEEP 2019, link

  • White, E. A., C. D. Johnson, P. K. Maurya, W. Kress, D. B. Kelly, J. W. Lane
    Use of a towed electromagnetic induction (tTEM) system for shallow aquifer characterization - an example from the Mississippi alluvial plain, SAGEEP 2019, link 

  • Auken, E., P. K. Maurya, A. V. Christiansen, J. B. Pedersen
    Full 3D mapping of shallow structures on land, water and snow using a small towed transient electromagnetic system (tTEM) - new advances and possibilities, AGU 2019, link

  • Sopher, D., E. Wendelin, L-O. Lång, J. Öhman, A. Lindhe
    3D geological model of the Gråbo site from ground TEM measurements, EGU 2020, link

  • Kim, H., A. S. Høyer, R. Jakobsen, L. Thorling, J. Aamand, P. K. Maurya, A. V. Christiansen, B. Hansen Characterizing the heterogeneity of the subsurface redox architecture in three dimensions using geophysics, AGU 2019, link

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