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tTEM 3x3

The tTEM system is a towed, ground-based, transient electromagnetic system, designed for detailed 3D geophysical and geological mapping of the shallow subsurface (0-80 m) in a fast and cost efficient way. The detailed 3D coverage is obtained by fast data repetition and a small line spacing of typically 10-20 m. 

The tTEM 3x3 system consists of transmitter and receiver coil platforms, instrumentation suitcases and is towed by an ATV, carrying the instrumentation and towing the transmitter frame and the receiver coil. The transmitter and receiver coils are mounted on sleds for a smooth ride over rough fields/terrain.​


The tTEM 3x3 system use the same electronic hardware as the 2x4 system, but the transmitter frame only consist of one platform. It is therefore lighter than the 2x4 system and even easier to transport.

The tTEM data processing is fully integrated with the Aarhus Workbench software package

Transmitter and receiver specifications


Tx Current*                       

Tx Peak moment*            

Repetition frequency*

Raw Data Stack size*

Raw Moment cyclus time*

Tx on-time*

Duty cycle*

Turn-off time*

Number of gates*

Gate time interval*

Front-gate time (nominal)*

Front-gate delay*

Parameters listed are related to operations in 50 Hz powerline areas. Slight modifications are made when operating in 60 Hz environments.

Low Moment

~ 2.8 A

~ 22.4 Am

2110 Hz


0.22 s

0.2 ms

42 %

2.5 us 


4 us – 10 us

2.0 us

1.9 us

High Moment

~ 30 A

~ 240 Am

660 Hz


0.40 s

0.45 ms


4.0 us 


10 us – 900 us

5.0 us

1.9 us



Dimensions of system

Transmitter area: 

Width of runners:

Length of runners:

Distance between runners:

3 m x 3 m

5 cm

90 cm

80 cm

tTEM 3x3
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