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tTEM 2x4

The tTEM 2x4 system is a towed, ground-based, transient electromagnetic system, designed for detailed 3D geophysical and geological mapping of the shallow subsurface (0-80 m) in a fast and cost efficient way. The detailed 3D coverage is obtained by fast data repetition and a small line spacing of typically 10-20 m.

The tTEM system is quick to deploy and easily managed by a field crew of two persons. The tTEM-system consists of an ATV, carrying the instrumentation and towing the transmitter frame and the receiver coil. The transmitter and receiver coils are mounted on sleds for a smooth ride over rough fields/terrain.​

The tTEM data processing is fully integrated with the Aarhus Workbench software package. 

Transmitter and receiver specifications


Tx Current*                       

Tx Peak moment*            

Repetition frequency*

Raw Data Stack size*

Raw Moment cyclus time*

Tx on-time*

Duty cycle*

Turn-off time*

Number of gates*

Gate time interval*

Front-gate time (nominal)*

Front-gate delay*

Parameters listed are related to operations in 50 Hz powerline areas. Slight modifications are made when operating in 60 Hz environments.

Low Moment

~ 2.8 A

~ 22.4 Am

2110 Hz


0.22 s

0.2 ms

42 %

2.5 us 


4 us – 10 us

2.0 us

1.9 us

High Moment

~ 30 A

~ 240 Am

660 Hz


0.40 s

0.45 ms


4.0 us 


10 us – 900 us

5.0 us

1.9 us



Dimensions of system

Transmitter area: 

Width of runners:

Length of runners:

Distance between runners:

2 m x 4 m

5 cm

90 cm

80 cm

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