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The sTEM turnkey system is a single station, ground-based, transient electromagnetic system, designed for detailed geophysical and geological mapping of the subsurface (0-300 m) in a fast and cost efficient way. The images are obtained by fast data repetition in a 40x40 transmitter loop. The system is operated from an Android app.​

The sTEM turnkey system consists of transmitter and receiver coil and instrumentation suitcases. The total weight is approximately 20 kg. and 27 kg. with a shipping suitcase. The system can operate on a full day of production with two 99 kWh batteries. 


The sTEM turnkey system uses similar electronic hardware as the tTEM3x3 system, but the sTEM are more manual and can be used without a towing system, making it easy to transport. By operating from a user-friendly app, the sTEM is suited for non-experts.

The product is expected to be released in August 2023.

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