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Aarhus Navigator

The tTEM systems come with a navigation and logging software called Aarhus Navigator. The navigator software runs on the instrument computer which is accessed through a field tablet.

The software shows the current position and driving tracks, and supports the most common raster and vector formats for background themes.  

The operational parameters of the tTEM instrument is displayed and alarms flash if the parameters exceed threshold values or GPS connection is lost.

Recorded decay curves are shown on the right of the screen, for continuous QC of data in the field.

To ease the processing of data, start and stop of production lines can be defined easily by clicking anywhere on the screen. When importing the data to Aarhus Workbench, it is possible to only import the data inside production lines.

In the bottom of the screen, Real-Time Inversion models are seen, if this option is enabled. (This feature is in development).



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