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FloaTEM is a transient electromagnetic method for data acquisition on water and is a further development of the land based tTEM system. The system is towed behind a boat with the transmitter and receiver coils resting on pontoons. With dense survey lines a 3D coverage is obtained down to a depth of 30-70 m, depending on the water conductivity.

The system is quick to deploy and easily managed by a field crew of two persons. Data from the FloaTEM system is fully integrated with the Aarhus Workbench software package for data processing, inversion and reporting.

For transmitter and receiver specification, see tTEM 2x4 system.

In fresh water systems, a regular tTEM system maybe fitted with  a FloaTEM upgrade, while saline and brackish waters also require an new set of extended wings and transmitter wire. 


FloaTEM with standard 2x4 frame

FloaTEM with extended wings

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